Main room 31st July - 10th August 2019
Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 31st July 2019
Thursday-Saturday, 1-6 pm

This year our Annual Group Show coincides with Inner West Council Midjuburi Precinct (Marrickville Ward) Creative Trails weekend 10-5pm Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August. The show includes works by Lana Ryles, Alan Rose, Beata Geyer, Barbara Halnan, Julien Bowman, Harry Aizenberg, Cornelis Timmer, Sepideh Farzam, Christine Boiry, Louise Blyton, Karmyn Gibson, Sarah Fitzgerald, Kathryn Blumke, Kate Mackay, Peter de Lorenzo, Elisabeth Bodey, Tania Alexander, Lila Afiourni, Elizabeth Johns, Gail Kenning, Jacky Ferrand & Catherine Gaillard-Remontet, Michelle le Dain, Anya Pesce, Beata Geyer, Pia Larsen, Ro Murray, Ebony Secombe, Stephen Wickam, Karen Benton, Reena Naidu, Lisa Sharp, Sharon Williams, Pam Aitken and Judy-Ann Moule. 

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