A-four to A-zero (2018) 
27 April - 5 May 2018
Thursday - Saturday, 1-6pm
Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 25 April

A-four to A-zero is an exploration through lino printing of the material intersections between colour, form and paper, referencing the particular geometry of A-series rectilinear shapes. The elusive translucency of architectural negatives forms the ground for overprinting in geometric shapes derived from an A4 lino block. These compositions in red and black form an ongoing investigation into spatial relationships.


12 - 21 April 2018 

Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 11 April
Main showroom, 12 - 21 April 
Thursday-Saturday, 1-6pm

The Abstract Project’ a collaboration between artists Elisabeth Bodey, Jan Handel and Alexandra Kennedy. Works made in response to or as an outcome of their 2017 residencies at Abstract Project Galerie, Paris. This residency program, now in its third year is a joint initiative of Factory 49 & Abstract Project.


28 March -  7 April 2018 

Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 28 March
Main showroom, 28 March - 7 April 
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Recent works from local artists responding to Contemporary drawing. Featuring works by artists Mark Brown, Pia Larsen, Gail Kenning, Lisa Sharp, Sepideh Farzam, Elizabeth Day and Michelle le Dain. 


Coexistence (2018) 
14 - 24 March 2018
Thursday - Saturday, 1-6pm
Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 14 March

Coexistence (2018) explores the relationship between material, colour and the construction of unity between opposing elements. 
Through a continuous process of experimentation, organic lines, geometric shapes and materials - such as fabric, canvas, polyester and wood - are used to juxtapose ideas of reality and illusion; fragility and strength; as well as absence and presence. 
The pouring of translucent acrylic glazes on different materials - and allowing gravity rather than a paintbrush to dictate ending forms - result in overlapping layers to form different compositions on the surfaces, adding levels of nuances to the work. 
As a result, the artist's emphasis is on the sensory perception of the viewer and the materiality used in the pieces. The ambiguous components found in the works are meticulously created to offer the viewer a sense of coexistence and interactions of opposites. 
By examining and deconstructing the meanings within the layers and materials, it became a thought - provoking process to demonstrate how opposing elements can rely on each other to exist.



28 February -  10 March 2018 

Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 28 February
Main showroom, 28 Feb - 10 March 
Thursday-Saturday, 1-6pm

Recent works from local artists working in forms of contemporary sculpture. Featuring works by Artists Kate Mackay, Piergiorgio Zangara, Diablo Mode, Molly Wagner, Yeliz Yorulmaz, Christine Wiltshier, Pia Larson, Basilios Papaioannou, Judy Marsh, Nadia Odlum, Alan Rose, Annelies Jahn, Sharon Williams and Tanya Richards. 


Octopussy Cornered 

14 - 24 February 2018

Thursday - Saturday, 1-6pm

Opening Night: Wednesday 14 February, 6-8 pm

A reclusive creature, Octopussy (Octopus gallus) was first discovered in its larval stage (diameter of .5m), in Los Angeles during the month of June 2015, with many reported sightings throughout the city but after a week it disappeared.

There was another sighting, in its juvenile stage (diameter of 2m), in Sydney on the 24th of July 2016 that lasted for only 5 hours but we are privileged to have a mature specimen (diameter of 8m) in the gallery for the next 2 weeks.

No one knows how big it will eventually get, as scientific analysis has revealed that the body is made up of 8,000 free range egg shells, as each one was individually cracked, cooked, washed, soaked, dried, stored over a period of 8 years and as you can see it is slowly making its way up the wall, as it does not like to be cornered! 


31 January -  10 Feb 2018 

Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 30 January
Main showroom, 31 January - 10 February 
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Recent works from local artists responding to the contemporary print medium. Featuring works by artists Stephen Wickham, Lana Ryles, Julia Kennedy-Bell, Karmyn Gibson, Jan Handel, Jamie Bastoli, Michelle Le Dain, Tanya Richards, Pia Larsen, Geraldine Walsh and Rebecca Stapleton.