Friday, 8 December 2017


30 November - 9 December 2017
Finissage 6 - 8 pm Saturday 9 December
Sydney Art Exchange explores the processes of collaborative art production and paper making at Factory 49 in Marrickville. Given its manufacturing past, and its more recent history as a gallery space, Factory 49 is an apt location for this exploration of the humble medium of paper, with its limitless transformative possibilities.


Thursday, 16 November 2017


Fast Forward
16 - 25 November 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening 6 - 8 pm Thursday 16 November
Fabian Freese‘s solo exhibition, Fast Forward is his second show in Australia since he shows in very different parts of the world including New York City, Berlin, London, Tokyo etc. His main topic is color, space, time and how they react to each other. Freese’s works reflect memories and experiences collected on his travels to exhibition venues in different continents alongside the resulting engagement and communication with people he met while travelling. This all lead to the current exhibition Fast Forward which is effectively a visual presentation of his recent international journey as an exhibiting artist. The show at Factory 49 is a temporary site specific installation and minimal paintings based on his studio in Germany.

Facebook: fabian.freese.artist
Instagram: fabian_freese

Friday, 10 November 2017


Implicit Masonry
10 November - 25 November 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening 6 - 8 pm Friday 10 November

Factory 49 is delighted to introduce Petter Kreuger, a Swedish artist with his first exhibition in Australia. These small dioramas use scale, colour and confined presentation to playfully investigate architecture and abstract concretism.


Instagram: pkreuger

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Artist-in-residence Project
Main Showroom
Monday 16 October - Saturday 11 November 2017

Artist working daily in the gallery 10 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday
Finissage 6 - 8 pm Friday 10 November

Christopher Gulick (US) builds kinetic, mobile sculpture. During his three-week residency, Gulick will be working daily at Factory 49, with visitors welcome to visit and engage with the project. Please join Chris to experience what he describes as a 'residency-workshop-performance-exhibition'. Commencing with wall drawings and using locally-sourced collected objects, he intends to build a unique and site-responsive 'projection-relief' sculpture within the space.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


Random Systems

5 - 14 October 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening Night: Thursday 5 October, 6-8 pm

Alexandra Kennedy has a practice based in premises which emerged with Conceptual Art in the 1960s and 70s. A process is often established for a work – or series of works – and the making represents an attempt to follow the ‘rules’ set out by the process. Realised work has a large element of chance, as these rules are subjected to interferences which occur as part of the making of a work. Colour is a central element, and again, initial rules about how colour will be utilised are often break down midway through the making of a work, as chance in mixing and in inclination as work progresses take over. 

Alexandra lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. She has an MFA in Painting and regularly exhibits internationally. Recent projects include curation of an exhibiton for Antwerp Art Weekend (May 2017) and a solo show with Abstract Projects, Paris, France (July 2017). She works at Dunedin School of Art where she is Postgraduate Coordinator and a Principal Lecturer.


On Paper

5 - 28 October 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening Night: Thursday 5 October, 6-8 pm

It was at school, year 11 in an introductory lesson to physics delivered by Mr. Cotton that started a small revolution in Anie’s mind. It was Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The example he gave was an image of a cup on a table: the cup is static, not because visibly the table is supporting it, but it is due to the force of the table exerting the same force on the cup as the force of the cup exerting on the table. This jolt of surprise, where the understanding of what is perceived does not equate to that which explains the physical manifestation, has made a mark on her.  

In Anie’s art practice, the unseen that brings about the visible has been a wonder, and source of exploration in her work. Translating this into visual practice, her investigation focuses on the condition of living with a body and its affects. With the body being both, a sensor and instrument of making sense, the happenings between the two become the seen and unseen for her investigation. In the last 2 years, she has included installation and negative space in her image making. They have become an integral part in the reading of her work. 

Anie was born in Taiwan, and grew up in East Timor and Dominican Republic. Recipient of  Australian Postgraduate Award, she completed MFA at CoFA, UNSW in 2007. She has been a finalist in various art prizes. In 2016 she did a residency in Youkobo Artspace at Suginami, Japan. She has exhibited in Beijing, Seoul and Suginami.

Thursday, 21 September 2017



Standing/Falling: New Sculpture

21 - 30 September 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening Night: Thursday 21 September, 6-8 pm

Paul is a multi-disciplinary artist working across painting, sculpture and photography. As well as working in non-representational sculpture, Paul has a significant portraiture practice and has been a finalist in both the Archibald Prize and the National Photographic Portrait Prize. He also completes one 50 minute painting every day that he posts on facebook and instagram, as a form of engagement between traditional art-making and online media. Paul holds degrees in Fine Art from the National Art School, History from the University of Sydney and Law from the Australian National University. This is his sixth solo exhibition and his first solo sculpture exhibition.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017



The Shape of Space

7 - 30 September 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening Night: Thursday 7 September, 6-8 pm

Working with a composition of shapes that never intersect, I was reminded of a story by the writer Italo Calvino where in falling through space, the narrator realises his trajectory is parallel to that of others - unable to make contact with his counterparts he imagines the shape of space could change so he can cross over and interact with them¹. Finding unity and integration in these compositions of vertical linear shapes, my reliance on cross correspondence of elements across space has seemed to be amplified. 

The repetitive action of creating vertical shapes or planes, balancing and rebalancing ever-changing proportional relationships across the picture plane and the process of negotiating the sought after composition within each of these works, seemed closer to a kind of combat than my work has previously taken me. Unlike the 3D and volumetric works that have engaged my interest in recent years, I have set out in these works to fracture planes - which previously I may have set out to establish - and break down volumes with the aim of reassembling all the elements into something more simultaneous, immediate and complete. 

An artist practising in Sydney since 1982, Judy has exhibited in commercial, institutional and artist-run galleries. Her work encompasses both 2D and 3D practices and is included in art collections such as Artbank, the University of Wollongong, Illawarra Institute of Technology, and numerous corporate and private collections. She teaches in Painting and Drawing at the Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank TAFE and formerly in metropolitan and regional Art colleges since 1986. She graduated with a BA in Visual Arts at the City Art Institute in 1982 (now Art & Design, NSW University) and was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Adult Teacher Education in 1989. 

¹ The Form of Space, Italo Calvino.




7 - 16 September 2017
Thursday - Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening Night: Thursday 7 September, 6-8 pm
Artist in Gallery: Sunday 10 September, 10 am-2 pm

                           Saturday 16 September, 2-6 pm

The drawings begin with a set of rules (a system), a grid on the paper and a supply of pens. The process includes a tally kept of the line count, which adds to the intensity of the labour of drawing and also adds to the meditative quality of the work. Frequently there comes a time in the drawing process when ‘mistakes’ are made. These are welcome because the outcomes cannot be predicted and are often surprising.

Carrie Fraser recently graduated from UNSW Art and Design with a BFA (Hons) and is currently completing a Master of Art Therapy at Western Sydney University. In 2016 she was awarded the Art & Design Industry Award for Drawing. Fraser has exhibited in group exhibitions and has been a finalist in The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, the Tim Olsen Drawing Prize and the Kudos Emerging Artist & Designer Award. Fraser has been invited to participate in the 2017 Kedumba Drawing Award. Systems is Fraser’s first solo show.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017




Steph Sykes, Jodi Stewart, Aroha Smith, Molly Wagner, Johann Tovar Carrera & Paige Phillips

Main showroom, 24 August - 2 September
Opening from 2pm on Thursday 24 August with drinks event 6-8pm
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Recent graduates and current Masters students of the National Art School respond to the inevitable process of decomposition, decay and deterioration.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017



Visual Disturbances

10 August - 2 September
Thursday - Saturday 2-6 pm

Opening Thursday 10 August from 2pm with drinks event 6-8 pm
Also Sunday 13 August, 10 am - 1 pm

Harry Aizenberg's latest works investigate visual responses to trauma, emotional and physical pain and the traces of memory that these events leave. Exploring the visual language of pain led to these currents series of paintings. Can pain be seen? Does it have a colour? Might a painting elicit a memory of pain? These questions led to the development of a visual narrative to describe the pain, ocular aura and disorientation of a migraine.

Harry is a Sydney-based non-objective artist. He graduated from the National Art School in 2016 after a career in the private hospital industry.




10 – 19 August 2017
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening - Thursday 10 August, 6-8pm
Artist in Gallery - Sunday 13 August, 10am - 1pm

In drawing, dithering refers to the creation of multiple marks such that the eye ceases to perceive the distinctions between them. In life, it refers to the establishment of multiple outcomes, such that a person ceases to perceive a single course of action.
There is something fascinating in the way one thing diffuses itself into another. Using a pencil or brush to blend colours and achieve the illusion of three-dimensional form can be terrifically satisfying.
Using three-dimensional forms to create an illusion of tonal gradation, and light itself as the medium, these works reverse that.
In formal terms, dithering disrupts the pretensions of line and shape to any kind of purity. In life we are in thrall to corresponding pretensions, of clear delineations and pure purposes. We worship decisiveness, and live in perpetual fear of dithering, as if the liminal isn’t ubiquitous – as if life isn’t a dithering between birth and death.

There is a question hanging over these works. Originally they were to be painted and the strips removed, to hang separately in the gallery space. But if the painted marks I was set to make might represent the ones you see here, what would that mean about these real but fleeting shadows? I dithered, leaving the unmade paintings to tremble in the imagination; the imagined dithering into represented and the real into representation.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017



49 Sighs

27 July – 5 August 2017
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening - Thursday 27 July, 6-8pm
Artist in Gallery - [29 July, 2-6pm] , [30 July, 1-5pm] & [5 August, 2-6pm]

49 Sighs is an installation of 49 paintless paintings. Using the material language and rhythms of painting, these paintings-as- sighs draw on the interactions and metaphorical possibilities arising between reductive materials, form, process and body. In this series of paintings without paint, the Sighs substitute the absent human body for paint as body. Supported by a single stretching tack, canvas surfaces containing recycled domestic textiles hold not paint but the form of an exhalation (a sigh), sealed with beeswax.

Lisa Sharp is an artist, writer, curator and co-gallery manager living and working in Sydney. She holds degrees in Arts, Law (U. Syd & UTS) and Fine Arts (National Art School).

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Committee Show 2017


Committee Show 2017

13 July – 5 August 2017
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening - Thursday 13 July, 6-8pm

This show celebrates the work of current committee members Harry Aizenberg, Jens Cheung, Pamela Leung, Anya Pesce and Lisa Sharp.

 is both a simple and complex term in contemporary art practice. Directly, it refers to the external, material properties of a work, but indirectly it also historically possesses layers of meaning in western painting. In non-objective practice, the focus is on the materiality of the work as a result of a reductive and minimalist approach to art making. The committee members of Factory 49 each address the concept of 'surface' in their individual practices, producing works which reflect each artist's unique interpretation of the concept. 

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13 – 22 July 2017
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening - Thursday 13 July, 6-8pm

Barriers and driving forces guide a haptic encounter in Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier’s fourth collaboration. Spatial and kinetic forms emphasise the authority of signs to instruct the position of persons or objects. The exhibition self-references its own event by taking on a quasi-theatrical tone and a parody of objects within and without the gallery space. Making use of the readymade in consideration of Painting, combined with automatic forms of labour, Momentum is an exhibition of new works that produce signals of position.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

New Grad 3


New Grad 3

29 June – 8 July 2017
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening - Thursday 29 June, 6-8pm

Factory 49 is proud to introduce some new graduates, please join us next Thursday to have a chat with the new stars!

49 Shepherd St
Marrickville NSW 2204
Sydney, Australia


  ANNUAL GROUP SHOW 02 Sept to 26 sept 2020