Coexistence (2018) 
14 - 24 March 2018
Thursday - Saturday, 1-6pm
Opening 6 - 8 pm Wednesday 14 March

Coexistence (2018) explores the relationship between material, colour and the construction of unity between opposing elements. 
Through a continuous process of experimentation, organic lines, geometric shapes and materials - such as fabric, canvas, polyester and wood - are used to juxtapose ideas of reality and illusion; fragility and strength; as well as absence and presence. 
The pouring of translucent acrylic glazes on different materials - and allowing gravity rather than a paintbrush to dictate ending forms - result in overlapping layers to form different compositions on the surfaces, adding levels of nuances to the work. 
As a result, the artist's emphasis is on the sensory perception of the viewer and the materiality used in the pieces. The ambiguous components found in the works are meticulously created to offer the viewer a sense of coexistence and interactions of opposites. 
By examining and deconstructing the meanings within the layers and materials, it became a thought - provoking process to demonstrate how opposing elements can rely on each other to exist.



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