Committee Show 2017


Committee Show 2017

13 July – 5 August 2017
Thursday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Opening - Thursday 13 July, 6-8pm

This show celebrates the work of current committee members Harry Aizenberg, Jens Cheung, Pamela Leung, Anya Pesce and Lisa Sharp.

 is both a simple and complex term in contemporary art practice. Directly, it refers to the external, material properties of a work, but indirectly it also historically possesses layers of meaning in western painting. In non-objective practice, the focus is on the materiality of the work as a result of a reductive and minimalist approach to art making. The committee members of Factory 49 each address the concept of 'surface' in their individual practices, producing works which reflect each artist's unique interpretation of the concept. 

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